Disc Gator™

image of a gator

The Disc Golf Retriever

Disc Gator™ (patents pending) is the most versatile disc golf retriever.

Easily and safely retrieve golf discs from water hazards, trees, bushes or just about anywhere that is out of hand's reach. Don't lose your favorite discs-they'll be lonely and sad without you.

Disc Gator™ pays for itself after retrieving just two or three golf discs.

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Watch the videos below to see the Disc Gator™ disc retriever during actual games from spots that were otherwise impossible to reach.

Steve gets his disc

Steve uses the gator with two poles screwed together
to retrieve his golf disc from the swamp.

Rick uses gator

Rick grabs his disc from the tree.

Chris retrieving disc

Chris fishes his disc out of the stream and then twirls
the gator to show off the secure grip on the disc.

Mike getting disc

Mike saves his golf disc from a steep river bank.

Mike saves disc from river

Chris narrates while Mike retrieves another disc from the river.

Peter uses gator

A golf disc is retrieved from 15' up in a tree.